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My commitment to you:

CareerPro prides itself on delivering the highest levels of service and quality by ensuring that personal and professional ethics govern all decision-making.

To ensure client satisfaction we are committed to:

  • Preparing winning selection criteria statements, resumes, CVs, cover letters and expressions of interest that WILL improve your chances of interview and career success
  • Uncovering your unique accomplishments by getting to know you through informational/behavioural and competency interviewing techniques and processes
  • Sharing our knowledge and expertise with you through providing information, feedback and advice on your unique circumstances
  • Maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality and privacy in relation to your personal and professional information. We promise never to share your personal information and contact details with anyone EVER, without your express permission

CareerPro does have terms and conditions in place that act as a framework for all of our services. Please take the time to read these carefully and feel free to contact me if you have any queries or require clarification on any issues. I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Service Delivery:

CareerPro is a professional writing business focused on preparing winning selection criteria statements, resumes, CVs, cover letters and expressions of interest. CareerPro CareerPro cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy and validity of any information contained within any selection criteria statement, resume, CV, expression of interest or cover letter prepared for any of our clients as we do not verify or validate information provided to us. Our liability is limited to production of selection criteria statements, resumes, CVs, cover letters and expressions of interest and we assume no responsibility for work that has been proofread and approved. CareerPro agrees to make reasonable changes to the document/s and correct mistakes or misinterpretation of material. CareerPro will provide drafts for client review, comment and editing. At this stage of the project, clients will review and read through the material and advise CareerPro of any reasonable changes required, within 7 days. All reasonable changes must be made within 7 days of receiving the first draft, unless agreed to by CareerPro. Any additional changes will incur a new fee. Failure to respond within 7 days of receipt of the first draft will be considered a completed project, with no necessary edits required. Further consultation will be subject to additional charges, at a pro-rata rate of $80 per hour.


All materials produced by CareerPro are subject to copyright legislation. Documents may be copied and reproduced subject to the conditions of copyright legislation and provided that payment has been made in full. Until these conditions are met, all reproductions and duplication of material will be considered an infringement of copyright and will be subject to further legal and other action. I will start work on your project once I have received FULL payment from you and until such time all documents remain the property of CareerPro.


CareerPro is a professional writing business focused on assisting job-seekers to improve their chances of interview and job success through preparation of winning job applications including selection criteria statements, resumes, CVs, cover letters and expressions of interest. It is not a computing instructor or software expert. Although CareerPro will take every reasonable step to ensure your satisfaction, it acknowledges that there are some issues that are beyond our control and we cannot guarantee that your documents will appear perfectly on every computer screen. If this is the case, we ask that you make reasonable adjustments on your end.

Career Success:

Unfortunately we are not able to guarantee interviews or job success however we are committed to working proactively with our clients to ensure that we provide the highest levels of service, quality and support.

Payment Terms:

As CareerPro is a service provider all payments are non-refundable. Cancellation of bookings/services are liable for fees for the time that CareerPro has spent on the project, prior and up to, the time of cancellation.

It is the client's responsibility to notify CareerPro of any cancellations/changes to bookings straight away and fees incurred for services up to the time of notification of cancellation will become due and payable immediately. These will be charged at a nominal rate of $80 per hour. Failure to notify CareerPro of any cancellations/changes to services required does not waive this cancellation fee.

Quotes are valid for 90 days from the time of booking and current prices apply if bookings are cancelled and then resumed after 90 days. Missed appointments and phone consultations are liable to a cancellation fee, and are subject to CareerPro availability. In the case of multiple consecutive cancellations CareerPro reserves the right to refuse further appointments. In such cases, further work (selection criteria statements, resumes, CVs, cover letters and expressions of interest) will be handled via online methods only (fax, email etc).

Privacy Policy:

We are governed by personal and professional ethics and are committed to ensuring the highest levels of privacy and confidentiality. Unless you agree to it, we will only use your personal information to develop your resume, CV, cover letter, expression of interest or selection criteria statement. We have taken reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse, loss or unauthorised access. You have a right to access, and to obtain a copy of your personal information. Please send us an email and we would be happy to provide this material to you.


For an obligation free quote and assessment please feel free to contact me on nikky@CareerPro.net.au or call me on 0404 427 212

PO Box 7180 Mount Crosby QLD 4306 ABN: 82 720 953 02

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Having held a range of diverse and varied roles as Recruiter, Human Resources and Hiring Manager, and selection panel member, having sat on hundreds of selection panels, it seemed only natural that Nikky transition her passion for assisting job-seekers to establish CareerPro, a leading, professional writing business focused on helping job-seekers to effectively market and "sell" themselves to prospective employers. Through her unique writing services (selection criteria, resumes, curriculum vitae, cover/application letters) she assists clients and job-seekers locally, nationally and internationally to achieve their goals of promotion, interview and job success.




"Hi Nikky, This resume is amazing! I think that I had read similar comments to this on your website, but - I can't believe this was describing me when I was reading it! I am so happy that I decided to have you do this for me - the best investment for me for quite a while. I think that it is definitely going to be the secret weapon in obtaining a position. I am just in awe at your ability with words." DF, Bookkeeper

"Oh my goodness Nikky - this is amazing! You are certainly sensational at what you do and are totally worth the money! I would recommend you to anyone. I was a little uncomfortable at first reading this amazing resume that looked like it belonged to someone else, but once I read it in more detail you have described me and what I do to a tee! You are a very clever lady and you make me look very clever too!!!! LOL! The cover letter and selection criteria are so awesome and I'm 100% happy with these." DS, Administration Manager

"Hi Nikky, What you have written is amazing and I certainly could not word this application the way you have!" JJ, Service & Administration, University

"Thank you so much, I have to say I do look good on paper!" KB, Local Government, WA

"The outcome has far exceeded my expectations and I am over the moon with the result." KG, Executive Assistant

"Brilliant! I'm very happy with what you have written. Thanks so much and I'll let you know how I go." MR, Quality Assistant, Tertiary Education Institute

"You will be pleased to know that I was ranked No. 2 on this job - this is what I expected as the officer that has been acting in the position re-applied. I am actually going to be doing the job for 8 weeks so am pretty pleased with the result!"
DB, Client Services, Federal Government Department

"It sounds pretty damn good, would you employ me? Thanks so much for all of your help and the quickness of getting this done for me. I really appreciate it. Will let you know the outcome."
CM, Administration, Local Council

"Hi Nikky,
Resume is exactly what I wanted! Very professional Nikky, you are great with words. Thank you."
CB, Hair Stylist / Nail Technician

"The first draft looks fantastic!! I'm really happy with the wording and changes you made."
JC, Communications Manager

"Thanks for making my selection criteria so fantastic. I wanted to let you know that I did get interviews for all of the jobs."
JH, Administration, Local Council

"Morning Nikky, you have done a brilliant job with my resume. Thank you very very much."
JR, Executive Assistant

"Just wanted to thank you again for doing up the selection criteria for the Business Administrator position - I was shortlisted and had an interview yesterday. The interview went well I thought, but even if I don't get the job, it was invaluable experience for me. I should find out by the end of the week."
KW, Administrator, Tertiary Education Sector

"WOW, that was fast !!!! Thank you very much, they look fantastic."
LE, Administration

"I wasn't going to tell you until afterwards, but I have been offered and interview. The interview is being held this Tuesday at 11:40am. I didn't ant to jinx myself by telling you but I really wanted to let you know. Thank you so much and I will let you know how the interview goes.."
TS, PA, Private Education Sector

"WOW, thanks. I sound good! I didn't expect to hear back from you so soon."
JK, Environmental Management, State Government

"Hi Nikky,
That's fantastic, thank you so much. I would never have been able to write like that about myself. Funny thing is, a few of the personal type bits you added in, is exactly what I am like (ethics etc), so it was brilliant."
KH, Business Manager, Education Sector

"WOW - awesome. I am off work tomorrow & will scrutinise!! Looks fantastic at first read. Thanks Nikky."
MP, Consultant Change Management, Private Sector

"What great work! That all looks really great, you made it look so easy."
PT, Administration, Defence

"Your first draft is very good. I cannot believe it is my Resume. Thank you so much.."
RR, Entry Level Graduate, Public Sector

"Hi Nikky, it is brilliant, you made me sound perfect for the job. Thank you for your help."
MS, Registered Nurse, Allied Health Professionals, Centrelink

"Nikky, I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the personal attention that you provided as part of the development process we have been through in drafting my resume. The finished product has been a resume that presents my experience and achievements in a way that I would never have considered. You have provided a one-on-one consultancy that was most beneficial in tuning the vocabulary of my resume and skill focus for the industry I am targeting."
JM, General Manager,
Telecommunications, United Kingdom

"Thanks so much for taking me on as a client. I have nothing but praise for the work your business is doing and you have been unreal to deal with. Quick, accurate, pleasant! And yes the resume looks a lot better than before. I couldn’t believe how you managed to fit all that information into a few pages."
ID, QLD Government, Financial Controller

"Well, what can I say …………………..but what a job I am really pleased. I will have a really good read through it all tonite."
BW, Queensland Police, Automotive Engineer

"I just found out that I have been offered an interview for this job at (name removed) in Brisbane. You helped me with the resume and selection criteria. I had thought it was a bit out of my league so obviously your input helped to get me this far!"
KL, Postgraduate Student, Government Application

"Hi Nikky,
You are amazing! What an amazing job! Thanks so much for this so far and for your promptness. I may have a colleague here coming your way. "

AC, Business Specialist, Telecommunications

"Hello Nikky,
Wow and Thank you so much for this! You have done such a tremendous job. Of course you can enter it into the awards also :) I would love my resume to be a part of that as I think it is fantastic. Thanks for your wishes and I'm sure I'll get snapped up with this for sure. Good luck with your awards. Make sure you let me know how you go.”
AC, Business Specialist, Telecommunications

"Ahhhh Nikky!!!!!,
You are absolutely wonderful! Many thanks for ALL your assistance, hard work and guidance! Let me say that I thoroughly enjoy working with you, I’m very lucky to have you as my career CHAMPION!!!! Thank you very much for your encouragement and a warm hug back to you!!! "

IT, Marketing Executive, Tertiary Education Sector



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